Episode 014: Aaron Gillespie (10-Year Underoath Retrospective)


This week, we’re firing up the time machine to head back to 2004 in order to chronicle Underoath’s game-changing album They’re Only Chasing Safety. The album is still to this day heralded as a landmark release in the metalcore genre thanks to its blend of muscle and melody — provided by frontman Spencer Chamberlain and drummer/singer Aaron Gillespie, respectively. Songs like “Reinventing Your Exit” became staples on MySpace pages around the world and inspired countless bands to try their hand at imitating the instant-classic sound (just look around the Warped Tour stages for the past few years for proof).

I caught up with Gillespie (who’s now holding down the kit as part of Paramore’s live band) to chat about the album’s beginnings, how it changed his life and much more.


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