Episode 033: Stacy Jones (American Hi-Fi)


You’d be hard pressed to find a more iconic couplet in the early ’00s than “He’s too stoned/Nintendo,” from American Hi-Fi’s hit single “Flavor of the Weak.” That’s why I’m thrilled to have Hi-Fi frontman Stacy Jones joining me on Episode 033. In addition to fronting Hi-Fi – who released their fifth (and really, really great) album, Blood & Lemonade, last year on Rude Records – Stacy serves as the musical director and live drummer for Miley Cyrus, live drummer for Matchbox Twenty, and an acclaimed producer and co-writer. He truly does it all.

In this episode, we trace his musical history, learn how a tour with Bush sparked his songwriting skills, chat about how “Flavor of the Weak” began as a joke song, and much more.


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