Episode 019: Nick Thompson (Hit The Lights)


Joining me this week is Nick Thompson, frontman of pop-punk bands Hit The Lights and Thief Club. Known for a buoyant sound that incorporates elements of hardcore along with a tried-and-true pop-punk bite, Hit The Lights have been a scene staple since forming back in 2003 in Ohio. The group released two albums for Triple Crown Records – 2006’s This Is A Stick Up … Don’t Make It A Murder and 2008’s Skip School, Start Fights – before jumping to Razor & Tie for 2012’s Invicta. Nick’s Thief Club project finds the singer taking a more personal approach to his songwriting, penning songs about childhood nostalgia, familial loss, and more. I caught up with Nick to chat about Hit The Lights’ musical evolution, some details on their upcoming fourth album, and just how he ended up at the home of Stone Temple Pilots bassist Rob DeLeo.

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