Episode 030: The Receiving End of Sirens (10-Year Retrospective)


On Episode 030, I chronicle the making of one of my all-time favorite albums: The Receiving End of Sirens’ Between The Heart And The Synapse. Released on April 26, 2005, Between The Heart And The Synapse was TREOS’ debut full-length album – and marked the introduction of newcomer Casey Crescenzo, who stepped into the Boston-based group after original singer Ben Potrykus left the band in 2003. Crescenzo’s musical versatility – bordering on genius – was immediately felt, and he pushed his new bandmates to greater musical heights along with introducing the electronic elements that made Synapse such a masterpiece. Balancing three guitars, three adept singers, complex time signatures, and cohesive lyrical content is no easy task, but TREOS made these lofty ambitions look effortless. That’s why it remains a favorite of mine a decade later – and inspired bands like Cartel and Panic! At The Disco to push their craft to the next level.

To celebrate the album’s 10th anniversary, I caught up with old friends Brendan Brown (bass/vocals) and Nate Patterson (guitar) to share a lot of laughs, reminisce about writing Synapse, and learn why they loved tormenting former tourmates Panic! At The Disco. I hope you enjoy this very fun chat.

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