Episode 038: Dan Wilson


Dan Wilson’s first hit single came in the late ’90s, when his band, Semisonic, released the seminal sing-along “Closing Time” – a song that practically feels like a federally mandated inclusion to any karaoke night. But his songwriting prowess didn’t stop there. Overseas, Semisonic enjoyed another smash hit with “Secret Smile,” and Dan parlayed that success – along with the desire to branch out and start collaborating with outside writers – into a career as one of the most well-respected songwriters in the industry. Since then, he’s worked with everyone from Adele (with whom he wrote the already iconic “Someone Like You”) and the Dixie Chicks (netting a Grammy for “Not Ready to Make Nice” along the way) to Weezer, Nas, John Legend, Pink, Dierks Bentley, and many more. His newest solo album, Love Without Fear, was released last year.

In this chat, Dan and I discuss why it’s best not to toil over a bad song, how his painting passions contrast his day job, Love Without Fear and much more. Hope you enjoy!


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