Episode 043: Stephen Christian (Anchor & Braille/Anberlin)


This week I’m joined by Stephen Christian, mastermind behind the project Anchor & Braille and former frontman of Florida alternative rock band Anberlin. Anberlin was a mainstay of the punk and emo scene throughout the 2000s, releasing celebrated albums like Never Take Friendship Personal and Cities; they also had a bona fide hit single, “Feel Good Drag,” which went gold and at one point held the record for most consecutive weeks spent on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. The band broke up in 2014, but Stephen is back with new music. His third album under the name Anchor & Braille, Songs For The Late Night Drive Home, is out this Friday, February 5, and is a phenomenal collection of moody, vibey pop in the spirit of acts like Washed Out and Active Child.

I caught up with Stephen to chat about how writing this album was different than past projects, discuss how major labels tend to ruin the songwriting process, dive into some Anberlin songs and much more. Hope you enjoy!


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